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A special blend of recycled rubber shreds, colour coated;combined with a binder on site and sculptured to provide a more natural looking and
cost effective option than some synthetic and rubber surfaces.

Parks and Schools applications, including activity trails, playground and leisure areas.

Many landscaping applications, around seating areas, pathways or as a decorative textured surfacing.

• Enhanced aesthetics – The shredded rubber emulates the look of natural bark; when used in a blend of colours, toning with use and the curing process;
depicting a natural landscape, ideal for playgrounds, woodland areas and naturescapes.

• 100% recycled rubber shred – Ecologically sensitive and helping reduce landfill and C02 emissions.

• Cost effective preparation - In many cases minimal base preparation is required due to the free draining nature, in particular when combined with EcoBase.
(Consideration should be given to the levels and drainage capability of the existing ground and adjusted accordingly.)

• Choice of two ranges in shred size – SoftBond®+ is much finer than the 'standard' SoftBond® shred range, for areas of higher wear or to create a finer
more compact finish.

• Flexible edge detail – In many cases no need for formal edging; simply taper the edge and secure under the surrounding natural turf or cut a
channel in hard surfacing.

• Mould to shapes and contours – On a firm and stable base, SoftBond® or SoftBond®+ can be shaped for an enhanced playexperience.
(We advise not in highcritical fall areas)

• Excellent drainage properties – More year round use.

SoftBond +




Used as an Impact Absorbing System.

• A full range of systems for many applications – SoftBond® and SoftBond®+ can be used for a wide variety of impact attenuating surfaces, with 'Free-zone' and 'Play-zone' systems 1 to 7; offering a different design thickness and specification, subject to the existing ground conditions and Critical Fall Heights (CFH) you wish to provide.

• SoftBond® and SoftBond®+ has been tested in accordance with BS EN1177(2008) – The SoftBond® range of systems have achieved results from 0.9m to3mCFH, subject to specification selected and the sub-base over which it is tested. ('Free-zone'systems results are all over concrete, in line with the BS EN1177 (2008)test method, certificates available on request.)

• Ongoing development and testing – Some of the SoftBond® and SoftBond®+ range have also been tested against BS7188 (1998) test methods andbeenexposed to durability testing on the XL Lisport for 'resistance to simulated use' for certain applications.