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Loose Rubber Mulch


Whilst we carefully monitor and select finished products as being fit for purpose, there are always
natural variations in colours and shred size within our normal manufacturing tolerences, so any
pictures or samples provided are indicative only of the final delivered shred.

It is important to note that the colours shown are at new, and the materials will quickly weather to give the natural looking effect of aged bark, in keeping with the natural landscape.

Test data has shown that when tested in accordance with BS EN1177 test method, the loose rubber mulch over a concrete base has given a critical fall height of up to 1.5m at a depth of 100mm.

Loose fill materials may displace during use, we always suggest that when an impact absorbing surface is desired, the depth is increased according to the degree of maintenance and level of activity. (As with all loose fill impact absorbing products, raking is recommended to maintain the desired thickness.)

We believe there is no formal requirement or standard for an impact absorbing surface to be used in a residential situation and you should carry out your own risk assessment as appropriate to your
individual circumstances.

NB Comercial or public areas are covered by more detailed requirements BS EN1176 relating to loose fill impact absorbing products, requiring greater depths of all loose fill products in a public environment. For details please speak to one of our consultants.